It's never too soon to preserve its "youth" capital. The maturing from the cells begins at the time in our birth.

Anti-aging must start as soon as possible, lengthy before the look of the very first wrinkles. Now the oxygeneo machine is help to anti aging for our face and body and available in all skin types.

What causes aging are lots of and we're not every equal before him.

There's two types of reasons for aging

The very first ones are individuals that people undergo without having the ability to act upon them. They're directly associated with genetic capital and genetics. It's so-known as "intrinsic" aging.

The second rely on us, our hygiene of existence and our atmosphere. It's so-known as "extrinsic" aging so we can act upon these causes every day.

Pro-inflammatory foods (sugar and starch)

Pro-inflammatory foods, mainly sugar and starch, accelerate aging and the look of wrinkles. They result in a lack of skin radiance, under eye circles and puffiness underneath the eyes, cause lack of tone, increase wrinkles, promote lack of facial contours and expand follicles . These food types also aggravate acne. They have to therefore be ingested in a fantastic way.

The sun's rays

A lot of exposures towards the sun in youth lead a great aging of your skin from the face, neck and entire body.

It's important and within everyone's achieve to safeguard themselves out of this aging factor. It is best to not expose yourself straight to the sun's rays but under an umbrella, to put on a hat or perhaps a cap and glasses and also to avoid contact with the hrs once the sun is greatest (between 12h and 16h). It is important to use sunscreens having a high amount of protection, even if you don't expose yourself. The tan could be more beautiful and much more durable.


The polluted air of massive metropolitan areas "fouls" your skin and provides it a monotonous appearance. It causes redness, spots, tightness ... Our lung area aren't the only ones to be affected by polluting of the environment, the skin we have too. Protecting it daily thus remains essential, with products of excellent quality.

The tobacco

Aside from its dangerous health effects generally as everyone knows, tobacco prematurely ages your skin cells. Indeed, tobacco produces many toxins, causing tarnishing of your skin. Additionally, it causes lack of fluids of your skin. It might be dry, without brightness. Additionally, it greatly accelerates the development of wrinkles and fine lines round the mouth

The aging skin are hard to recover fast naturally, so we have to avoid the suituation above so that we have a healthy skin for our body. Once the skin looses with age, we should care them by some beauty machine like oxygeneo machine with some skin care products.