For individuals who consider their tattoo like a mistake of youth, there's a brand new solution: the Picosecond picosecond laser. By emitting a brief pulse of one's, it bursts the tattoo ink that is then eliminated through the body.

Within the last 10 days, the very first Belgian establishment, the aesthetic firm HED of Tournai, offers clients sessions to erase their tattoo because of this latest technology imported in the U . s . States.

"The novelty with this particular picosecond laser is it doesn't crust, the scarring is a lot faster, it makes sense surprising: your camera leaves no shadow because it was before. we ask to erase the marks left by other picosecond laser tattoo removal machine, "states a nurse.

The firm invoices the service in the same cost because the establishments outfitted with conventional picosecond lasers, in other words from 60 € the session for any small tattoo. "It requires half as numerous sessions like a picosecond laser, therefore it is much faster, so we could possibly get a tattoo removed in six several weeks, many years before. of sessions are essential, "explains Dr. Raoult, aesthetic skin doctor.

The firm continues to be offering this latest service for 2 days. And also the demands are flowing in: "It doesn't stop, the telephone rings several occasions each day for information or appointments. Right now, we've had many seniors people, they would like to permanently erase their tattoo or l There's also a lot of women who wish to refine their outline from the lips completed in a rough way, "continues the physician.

Customers don't hesitate to visit countless kilometers to profit from all of these special sessions. "We're the only real Belgian firm to provide this particular service. In France, there are just three such devices functioning and none within the North," the nurse states.

Why did you choose to withdraw it?

"I had been 20 after i did this tattoo, and that i was very happy with it at that time, it had been pretty. My tattoo appears like a stain greater than other things ... I have wanted to get rid of it for ten years ... The concept is to buy back on the top. "

How was the session?

"Well, I had been scared of the burning sensation, but it didn't hurt, I'm going to put vaseline along with a healing cream within the next couple of days after which I'll return the following month to complete the following session."

How have you heard relating to this new kind of picosecond laser?

"By person to person, other patients had talked to me relating to this extremely powerful machine, I looked on the web to discover also it convinced me that there's no such picosecond laser in northern France, and so i found Belgium. "

"60 to 65% from the inked population"

Tattooing is more and more recognized socially, states Chris, an expert tattoo artist for twenty five years: "Today, the tattoo is regarded as art and never an indication of owned by an organization.Inch Based on the store manager Chris Tatoo in Pecq, nearly all Belgians are inked. "Tattoos are inked by individuals of every age group from age 15. But many of them keep these questions discreet place, like individuals who get inked like a tribute to some missing person."

In rare cases, these folks regret their choice. "Between 10% and 15% Some customers ask me to return on their own tattoos to cover an indication which was made twenty years ago, for instance I encourage my people to be cautious prior to getting inked. 'happen to refuse customers who do not know themselves.'